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Prioritizing Rural Wisconsin

As a longtime resident of rural Wisconsin, Calvin knows the challenges smaller communities face. He voted to increase funding for rural roads, provided additional funding for rural police, fire, and EMS services, and cut onerous taxes for the small businesses that help our rural communities thrive. Calvin knows making these investments will have a positive impact for rural families, businesses, and communities.

Tax Relief for Families and Retirees

Costs are rising across the board and the family budget is being stretched. We need to keep more money in your pocket instead of in Madison. Calvin passed billions in tax relief for middle-class families, retirees, and those with kids in childcare.

Supporting Wisconsin's Workforce

A shortage of workforce housing is driving up prices and costs, making it more difficult to become a homeowner, upgrade to a bigger home, or even find affordable rent. Calvin passed the bipartisan Workforce Housing Package that will help reduce prices and increase housing by removing red-tape, providing no-interest loans to developers, and creating incentives to bring more housing options into the market. He also supported a series of bills aimed at getting individuals off the sidelines and back into the workforce as quickly as possible. 

Supporting the Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is a powerful economic engine for Wisconsin’s economy. Calvin knows the challenges and opportunities our farmers face each day. That is why he supported policies to help our farmers in both the short and long-term, including a new program for agricultural roads in need of repair, funding to increase meat and dairy processor grants, and resources to boost Wisconsin’s agricultural exports.

Fixing Wisconsin’s Roads

Calvin passed a budget that increases funding to repair and maintain our local roads and state highways. Our transportation system is crucial to our state economy and the well-being of its citizens. Calvin also passed $150 million in new funding specifically designated to repair roads and bridges used most heavily by the agriculture industry across Wisconsin.

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